About Us


Founded by Thai-American sisters, Nina and Emi, Zahira Fine Jewellery is the expression of their life-long affinity for jewellery. Growing up they were captivated by the work of their coloured gemstone dealer father. Later, they helped the family enterprise grow into a fine jewellery manufacturing company that caters to some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands.

With Zahira Fine Jewellery, Nina and Emi’s eye for exquisite gems and ability to bring them to life with alluring design allows them to create vivid and vivacious jewellery collections, and bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces for their individual clients all over the world.

The zahira difference

East-Meets-West Heritage

Our heritage is Thai-American and through our multicultural backgrounds, we’ve experienced the richness of both the East and West. Combined with our exposure to jewellery at such a young age, we are blessed with a profound, multidimensional perspective that imbues our jewellery with its signature beauty.

Extraordinary Stones

Every centre stone has a story of its own. We love discovering truly unique pieces which are one-of-kind, never to be replicated. For each of our designs, there will only every be one owner. Our infusion of East and West styles has created a new visual language which is at the very heart of Zahira Fine Jewellery.

In-House Manufacturing for Exceptional Customer Service

We own our own factory and have a close relationship with all our artisans. This allows us to oversee every single aspect of the production process, and to be able to invite our bespoke customers to be fully-immersed the co-creation journey of their commissioned pieces.